Stroke Groover

The AcCueShot™ Billiard Training Device will improve your precision and game. Simply place AcCueShot™ on the rail of your table, aim and shoot.


The new book “Billiards Skills Competition Training Program” by ACS Instructor Allan Sands is a program of training drills that objectively tests, rates and helps determine skill levels in the reader’s cue development.  There is also a competitive/tournament aspect of the book.

Product Seal of Approval

The following products have been given the

ACS Seal of Approval  

The "ProShot Glove" Is a training

aid and can used in competition.

With the ProShot Glove you can:
• Shoot straighter shots
• Eliminate excess movement in stroke
• Improve English on the cue ball
• Be more consistent
• Create muscle memory to lock your
  wrist into the proper position

Perfect Shot

Otto Zone Trainer & DVD

Groove your swing. The Stroke Groover is a simple, highly effective billiard stroke training aid developed by Master Instructor & Coach Tom Simpson. Through not allowing players to drop their elbow during the stroke, the Groover helps players practice the optimum pool stroke movement, clearly feel what the proper motion feels like, precisely train their stroke arm, and quickly groove their swing.

The Pool 101 DVD (110 minutes) along with the Otto Zone Trainer is the fastest way to learn pool or billiards.

Billiards Skills Competition Training Program


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Sight It - Play It - Sink It! 
Play better pool, by learning to aim better. Simply place Perfect Shot on the object ball and point the arrow at your target to see where to aim the cue ball

ProShot Glove