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PAT stands for “Playing Ability Test“. PAT is much more than just a method to test the playing abilities of billiard players. It is, in fact, a system to assess the skills that one needs to play good pool on the basis of exercises evaluated.

ACS Instructor Program

Who says billiards doesn’t belong in the classroom? Learn more about the BEF Billiards in School Program and the many ways it helps students improve academically!

ACS Product Seal of Approval Program

The ACS Referee Program recognizes five levels of achievement through classroom and floor training.  A Referee Application must be submitted in order to join the ACS Referee Program.

Our approved billiard-related products are recommended as training aids and/or in teaching the sport to others.  The ACS products receiving our "Seal of Approval" have been tested and critiqued by representatives from the ACS Instructor-Coach Committee.

The aim of the American Cuesports Association (ACS) is to train and certify well-qualified Instructors/Coaches to serve the Billiard public. As the sport grows at record pace, there continues to be a need for qualified, personable Billiard teaching professionals.

Player Ability Testing (PAT) Program