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Sanctioned Player Membership Benefits

(for non-league members only)

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  • Eligibility to compete in the ACS National 8-Ball Championships (Singles Only).
  • Eligibility to compete in the ACS National 9-Ball Championships (Singles & Scotch Doubles Only).
  • Annual Player Membership package to include patches, decal and membership card (player benefits vary from year to year)
  • Sanctioned Player Membership in the ACS directly supports the growth and future of billiards.
  • The Annual Sanctioned Player Membership Fee is $25/year. The membership fee may be submitted through our Online Payment Processing.

League Membership Benefits

(Annual Season: June 1 - May 31 of following year)

If you already have a Pool League or are thinking of starting one, the ACS League System wants you to join us and our 22,000+ Members from coast to coast in the United States and Canada (CCS).

While playing in a Local League is fun, it is even more exciting for all the Players and Teams to be able to travel somewhere and compete in Championships against others. The ACS offers the best run, most fun and broadest Championship Program available across North America today.

ACS Championship Program

No matter where you live, there’s one or more 8 Ball Championship that Players can drive to and…they can play in any one they want to. Exclusive of affiliated ACS state/provincial associations open to ACS/CCS league members from their respective states/provinces, a list of some of the events include:

Midwest 8-Ball Championships
Riverside, IA
British Columbia ChampionshipsFebruaryPenticton, BC
Canadian National Championships
MarchMississauga, ON
Western Canadian Championships
AprilCalgary, AB
US National Championships (8 & 9 Ball)MayLas Vegas, NV

Over $500,000 to be won annually in Singles, Scotch Doubles and Team Events. Every Championship is extremely well organized and well run. The Championship Program is Web based complete with Organizers, Tournament Directors and Referees who are second to none; anywhere.

Do the Players Have To Be the Best?

Absolutely not. No pros are allowed in any of the Championships. All the Events at all the Championships are also divisionalized, which means that everyone has a shot at winning a Division Title and taking home the Top Prize.

What Does Membership Cost?

There are no League Operator Fees. When you sanction the League with ACS, all Players on all Teams who have played no less than one game must pay an ACS League Member Fee. The amount depends on how many Players are being sanctioned in total as follows:

# of PlayersFee per Player

Every Player and Team will be eligible to enter every Championship regardless of whether they win a Paid Trip from the League or not. Referee and Instructor are also available. 

Who Is the ACS?

It is you and everyone else who joins! The ACS is a Colorado Incorporated Non Profit Amateur Athletic Association, based in the United States. That means it is entirely run by all the United States League Operators who join each year, along with other representatives from other worthy non-profit cue sport organizations, referees, instructors and proprietors. And even better, the money stays right here in United States to give United States Pool Leagues and their Players a 100% return on the kind of Championship Program THEY want.
The ACS recognizes the official world-standardized rules of play, as established by the world governing body for the sport – the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA).

What Do I have To Do To Join?

It is very easy. The League Year runs from June 1st to May 31st. Anyone can be a League Operator and any League can sanction with the ACS. There are no exclusive ‘franchises’ and there are no restrictions on ‘Table ownership’ or ‘Table type’. Your league can be “owner-operated” (generally for-profit) or “player-governed” (generally non-profit). Your League can be ‘In House’ or ‘Traveling’ and it does not have to be 8-Ball. Any game played on a Pool Table organized into Team play is fine. You will need a minimum of 30 Players on at least 5 Teams who play a minimum 8-week Schedule.

Here are the highlights:

You can pre-sanction your League at anytime by downloading the sanction forms, completing them and mailing them with the appropriate sanction fees ($10/player) to the ACS national office. You may also contact the ACS to request promotional posters to use for your purposes, and to request joining our mailing list to stay informed of current happenings.

After you have completed your 4th week of League Play, you send in a completed Hard Copy of the League Sanction Application and Policy Agreement along with a current copy of your League and Player Standings, names and addresses of all your players, along with the Member Fees ($10/player).

At that point you are good to go. The ACS will send Member Cards and Member Handbooks for each of your sanctioned Players. After competing in a minimum number of Matches (varies from 4 to 8) as specified in the various ACS Championship Brochures and specific tournament information on-line, all the Players and Teams are eligible to play in any of the Championships listed above.

Additional Players who join later can be sanctioned on a monthly basis and updated copies of League and Player Standings are required every four (4) weeks thereafter throughout the remainder of the league year.Need Some Help? Just give us a call at 920-662-1705 or send us an E-mail. The National Office of the ACS will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have and to help you get things organized.

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