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May 9-10 (daytime Sat & Sun): 9am-6pm daily
9-Ball Singles (handicapped in two divisions per gender)

May 9-10 (evenings Sat & Sun): 6pm – Midnight daily
Scotch Doubles 8-Ball (Standard, Open and Advanced divisions)

May 11-12 (Mon & Tues): 9am-Midnight daily
All 8-Ball Singles (separate Standard, Open, Advanced, Seniors, Super Seniors divisions)

May 13-16 (Wed. thru Sat. mornings): 9am – Noon daily
3-Person 9-Ball Teams (separate Standard, Open, Advanced divisions per gender)

May 13-16 (Wed. thru Sat. afternoons & evenings – no conflict with 9-Ball Team play): Noon – Midnight daily
4-Person (women) / 5-person (Mens/Mixed)
8-Ball Teams (separate Standard, Open, Advanced divisions per gender)

ELIGIBILITY: All players must have played a minimum of eight (8) full matches over a minimum of eight (8) weeks during a sanctioned session in the same ACS/CCS/MPA-sanctioned league* since June 1, 2019 and meet ACS amateur requirements.

* Exceptions:
1). Advanced Teams may be composed of qualified ACS/CCS/MPA league members from throughout the same state or province.
2). Teams in any Scotch Doubles divisions may be composed of one man and one woman from ANY qualified ACS/CCS/MPA-sanctioned league (need NOT be from the same league)

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Latest ACS News and Events

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February 15-17, 2020

16th Annual ACS AZ State Tournament

Bull Shooters - Phoenix, AZ

February 26 - March 1, 2020

23rd Anniversary Indiana State 8-Ball Championships

​Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center

March 18-22, 2020

24th Annual ACS Illinois State 8-Ball Championships

Decatur Convention Center & Hotel

March 21-22, 2020

Georgia State Tournament

Big Shots Billiards - Woodstock, GA

March 17-21, 2020

Canadian 8/9-Ball Championships

Sheraton on the Falls / Casino in Niagara Falls

Our Mission: "To heighten the interest and awareness of cue sports through the support and sanctioning of organized competition throughout the United States and North America."

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